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Drill Tests

Drill Tests are a very important part of the Cadet Progression Track for promotions.  On this webpage we have all the achievements and milestones that have a drill test.  This is so that cadets can review and practice the drill test before coming to test on the drill commands needed for their next achievement.  Also attached to this page is CAP Test 78-2, which is the Drill and Ceremonies Test Book. Before taking your drill test, you are required to review the test with a staff member.

Cadet Airman - Achievement 1 Drill Test
Cadet Airman 1st Class - Achievement 2 Drill Test
Cadet Senior Airman - Achievement 3 Drill Test
Cadet Staff Sergeant (Wright Brothers Award) - Comprehensive Drill Exam
Cadet Technical Sergeant - Achievement 4 Drill Test
Cadet Master Sergeant - Achievement 5 Drill Test
Cadet Senior Master Sergeant - Achievement 6 Drill Test
Cadet Chief Master Sergeant - Achievement 7 Drill Test
Achievement 8 (Armstrong Achievement) - Achievement 8 Drill Test
Cadet Second Lieutenant or Higher - No Drill Tests
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