Cadet Squadron Staff

Visit our Open House on October 30, 2018 @ Cuthbertson High School.  Please address questions to 1st Lt Sarah Stevens

The Composite Squadron of the Waxhaws is run by a very competent staff composed of cadets and senior members. The cadet commander is selected by a board of senior members and the squadron commander, 1st Lt. Stevens. The cadet line staff, selected by the cadet commander, include a first sergeant, flight sergeants, and flight assistants. The support staff is choose by the cadet commander and cadet executive officer.

MER-NC-300 Cadet Command Staff

Cadet Commander - C/Capt. Landon Clouse

Cadet Deputy Commander Support - TBD

Cadet Deputy Commander Operations - TBD

Cadet First Sergeant - TBD


MER-NC-300 Line Staff

Alpha Flight Sergeant - 

Alpha Flight Commander - 

Bravo Flight Commander -

Bravo Flight Sergeant -

Tango Flight Commander  - 

Tango Flight Sergeant - 


MER-NC-300 Support Staff

Safety NCO - 



Supply Officer -


Leadership Officers -