It is likely, and expected, that in the first three to four meetings as you are visiting the squadron you will not have a uniform. For these initial meetings, please come dressed comfortably for the weather in something like jeans (in good condition) and a modest shirt. Once you make the decision to join the CAP you will be expected to be in uniform for all CAP meetings as soon as possible. During a weekly meeting, you will need to contact the squadron supply officer who can help assess your specific needs and sizes and help you obtain what you need.

CAP members are authorized to wear CAP distinctive uniforms as well as uniforms similar to the U.S. Air Force. Civil Air Patrol uses distinctive emblems, insignia, and badges to identify individuals wearing the Air Force-style uniforms as CAP members. Proper wear of the Air Force-style uniforms, as well as the insignia, badges, and devices worn on these uniforms are detailed in CAPM 39-1.

CAP cadets wear one of two uniforms according to the type of activity or training in which they will be involved.  The Battle Dress Uniform (typically called BDUs) are worn when it is not practical to wear the AF-style uniform such as when training outdoors, during emergency service operations, or when flying.  The Air Force-Style dress uniform is provided by the Air Force for new cadets.  This uniform (typically called "blues", or "dress blues") is worn for Commander's Call, flag details, and other events where the BDU uniform is not appropriate.  

Check out the links below for details on each of these uniforms:

Ten Tips for Looking Sharp in Uniform
  1. Keep track of your insignia. Store them in a special place at home.
  2. Prepare your uniform the night before you wear it.
  3. Trim loose strings from buttonholes, pockets, and belt loops.
  4. Keep your uniform clean and in good repair.
  5. Carefully iron your uniform.
  6. Polish your boots or shoes.
  7. Look at yourself in a full-length mirror to check your appearance.
  8. Check your gig-line whenever you exit a car or visit the restroom.
  9. Avoid leaning against anything while in uniform.
  10. Ask your buddy to tell you if they notice anything wrong with your uniform.